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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Do pro life billboards help or hurt???

After Abortion has a post about a subject that is currently being discussed on the value of billboards on abortion. This personal post of a post abortive women says that a church sign that abortion is murder kept her out of church for some time after her abortion. She eventually went to church and finally joined a post abortion bible study that helped her find true freedom.

"Doesn't the world, and especially the Christians in this world, think that, once we grieve and regret our abortions, even privately, that we already know exactly what it was that we've done??"

So it is interesting that this came across my desk because I have recently been in discussion on this very issue with a director of a PRC. She agrees with the sentiments of this post. I wrote to her all the reasons why I liked these signs. I saw them as a way to educate abortion vulnerable women especially in a state that does not require informed consent. I also felt it pricked the conscience of a society  and in particular the church who do not care to get involved  and ignore the 53 million babies being slaughtered in our country.

So after articulating all my reasons why such billboards are true and need to be out there, I read this post which caused me to pause and reconsider. I still like pro life billboards and have heard of testimonies of women going for an abortion who turned around after seeing one....BUT

What do you think?

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