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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Russia signs law for abortion must not call it a safe procedure

I want to highlight something from yesterday's Proliferations that gotten edited down to the point of being missed... IMHO. Thanks to Secular Pro Life for the notice of the article. I think it is highly important. In the US we are a bit conceited thinking we always lead the way but in this case Russia who have had state paid abortions on demand since the 1960's  is ahead of  us.  This trend is showing what may be in store for us after 4 decades of aborting our future.

"The changes require abortion providers to devote 10 percent of any advertising to describing the dangers of abortion to a woman’s health, and they make it illegal to describe abortion as a safe medical procedure."
Did you read that?? This is huge. The abortion industry must acknowledge the dangers of abortions in their ads and it is illegal to call abortion a safe medical procedure!!! As in truth in advertising.  I love it....
Mr. Medvedev has made the fight against Russia’s falling birthrate and plunging population, now at just under 143 million, a feature of his presidency, offering incentives like payouts for a third child and land plots to encourage women to give birth.
Russia's first lady is leading a campaign against abortion entitled Give Me Life. In the campaign she has made up brochures giving  graphic descriptions of the health threat in  abortions and the tie to cancer. Mrs. Medvedev is also using her public platform to campaign for family values in coordination with the Russian Orthodox Church entitled "Day of Family, Love and Faithfulness." What a first lady!
Give Me Life

On a personal note, I always find these stories interesting not only because I am a pro life news junkie but because I have two grandchildren that were adopted from Russia. One birth mother we know little about except she delivered a baby girl probably receiving little or no prenatal care and disappeared. She easily could have walked into a number of abortion clinics in Russia at any stage of pregnancy and had the state pay for her abortion. She did not. I would love to meet her and say thank you.

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