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Thursday, April 19, 2012

3 days and 3 comments later. RH Reality finally corrects some of their reporting errors...

RH Reality check took three days and three comments  to correct their error that said the Ed Henry is a legislator from AL not TN. It started with a pix of the wrong Ed Henry self confessing that he was post abortive...the pix was of Fox News Ed Henry not the legislator.  That was corrected the first day but the post erroneously said he represented TN. Wrong..... even the linked to story was from AL. It took three days and three comments  pointing out the error for that correction to take place. They obviously had been fed some talking points from their TN surrogates and wanted to get  those in and tried to tie them to the story about Ed Henry from AL publicly discussing the abortion of 20 yrs back that he regretted.
They then continued with inaccurate information about some pro life bills...some already long passed and some pending.  Their final sentence in this sloppy piece of journalism ends with a snarky warning that pretty soon TN will want to pass an anti coercion bill if they continue down this life affirming path. Well hello..... we already have an anti coercion bill in TN...but really??? favor coerced abortion RH Reality?????

Okay, not to get on their error filled  viewpoint concern in this post is that in the spirit of anyone can make a mistake is that  it took three days and three comments to get them to realize their inaccurate piece and when they finally got it through their biased heads that they had reported the wrong state for Henry, their inaccurate reporting of TN seemed further out of place so they just deleted it.

So to end where I began  with them...fact check much???? Anyone can make a simple mistake but apparently in her desire to spread erroneous information to the faithful about TN, RH blogger Robin Marty  had no time to fact check her own work.  All this adds up to good work pro life legislators in TN speaking for pro life TN. Keep up the good work.

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