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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Larry Flynt endorses Obama and Clinton poses with porn stars...all in a day's work at election time.

A small point of interest is that the Democrats seem to have a lock on the porn vote for 2012. 

Larry Flynt notorious pornographer  with Hustler and Vice magazine has endorsed Obama for re election saying he"overperformed" and does a "marvelous job.:

 In another comment as strange as that one, Flynt said he had a "profound" religious experience in 1970 and immediately sought psychiatric care. His doc advised him that the experience was brought on by an iodine deficiency in his body ?! Hey I thought  Michelle Obama is saying we are eating too much salt. If we cut back,  will we become more religious? Hasn't seemed to work for her. 

Back to the porn constituency. So since this endorsement is locked up someone needs to tell that to hard working Bill Clinton. There is he slaving away at a fund raiser in Monte Carlo and posing with porn stars. He looks positively washed out in the photo...this campaign stuff is no cake walk.   Are they registered voters Bill?? I don't know about the one on the far left who was not identified in the picture. She looks like a cross dresser or a bouncer or worse yet. Better keep your hands around the little ones Bill.      

Picture: Twitter via MSNBC

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