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Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother delivers healthy baby and then finds out she has cancer...pregnancy helped her find cancer early

 The Tennessean is a strong supporter of abortion but every now and then the pro life truth peeks through. 

This story ran on mother's day of  a woman who gave birth to a  beautiful perfectly healthy  baby girl when her womb was  also  carrying cancer. Had the cancer been discovered prior to the birth,  she surely would have been strongly advised to abort. In this case the birth actually led to the discover of the cancer at an early stage where her prognosis is hopeful.
"I marvel at how my body was able to carry her as long as she needed to be carried, and keep her safe and secure and healthy. How it was able to house her in a warm and cozy environment; and how even though she was literally surrounded by cancer during her stay in my uterus, she arrived perfect and unscathed."
Interesting points from the age 41 got pregnant while on the pill  " early in her relationship with Mark, now her husband,"   but suffered a miscarriage while planning her  wedding . She got pregnant a second time  and delivered her daughter , Magnolia Grace.  Just a few days following her birth came the dreadful news of the discovery of cancer.
"The cancer was on her fallopian tubes, her uterus, both ovaries, throughout her abdomen, symptomatic, and as such, often deadly.
Because it was caught as it was, unexpectedly early by an unexpected child, Joanna’s prognosis is one of hope."

 Read the story online here and here. What are the take away pro life points?  The first one is obvious that she was able to successfully carry and deliver a healthy baby while her body was also cancer ridden. Actually the "accidental" pregnancy is credited with saving her life. Questions surrounding the cause of cancer and if the pill had any relationship remains unanswered.

Congratulations on the birth of Magnolia and best wishes as you battle cancer.

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