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Thursday, May 10, 2012

NARAL president resigns...where are the youth?... 54++MM missing thanks to NARAL

The email arrived at 4:40 in the inbox from Nancy Keenan, President of NARAL Pro Choice American. She is packing it up after 8 years and resigning at the end of this year.

Politico reported the story  as well  citing the need for a younger leader. NARAL is conducting the search now. The shellacking in the 2010 election was clear that the pro life cause is gaining momentum especially with the youth and this was not lost on  Keenan.

Washington Post reports the lack of intensity of the pro choice movement for her reasoning.
 "The 60-year-old Keenan said she is leaving out of concern for the future of the pro-choice movement — and thinks she could be holding it back.
Nancy Keenan will retire as president of NARAL Pro-Choice America at the end of the year. (Sarah L. Voisin - WASHINGTON POST)
In recent years, Keenan has worried about an “intensity gap” on abortion rights among millennials, which the group considers to be the generation of Americans born between 1980 and 1991. While most young, antiabortion voters see abortion as a crucial political issue, NARAL’s own internal research does not find similar passion among abortion-rights supporters. If the pro-choice movement is to successfully defend abortion rights, Keenan contends, it needs more young people in leadership roles, including hers."
Jill Stanek, who has a way of cutting straight to the heart of the matter sums it up well...
"You got that right, sister. And while abortion proponents like to think this is because the younger generation has grown up with abortion, so “[w]hen you’re fighting to hold onto something, rather than get something, it gets less intense,” as WashPo quoted EMILY’s List president Stephanie Schriock, the fact is the pro-ab0rtion movement is suffering attrition. It has killed off its future supporters.
Furthermore, it continues to kill off 3,300 more chips off the ole’ block every day. So the “intensity gap” is only going to widen, thanks to the birth gap.
Meanwhile, abortion survivors – all those born after January 22, 1973 – understand that the very people now trying to woo them into the their movement dedicated themselves to trying to kill them before they took a breath. And many of those very people make a big fat living off the snuffs."

  Jim Messina, POTUS campaign manager was quoted in an article about the her  resignation. 
" .... he relied on for advice during the health care reform debate. .... “I consulted with her frequently when I was at the White House. She would always tell you the truth...She was very loud and willing to use the ’f’ word. That’s why I like her."
What a way to be remembered.

Pix: Washington Post 

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