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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Abortionist brandishing loaded gun at prayers to get reduced chargess

6:53 PM. June 28, 2012
Update from the person who pressed charges:
Boyle will receive a fine of $100 and does not have to show up in court.

News story  out of Charlotte SC is that the abortionist, Gary Boyle,  who owns and operates abortion facilities in TN and SC charged with brandishing a loaded gun at pro life prayer vigil participants outside his SC abortion facilities will have these charges reduced. 

  This occurred in 2010 and the case has been in limbo ever  since the preliminary hearing that found cause to continue the case. 

One of the people threatened has been advised by the prosecutors that they are expected to reduce the charges from a felony to disorderly conduct. The pro life person calling the police had recorded the incident. The reduced charges is likely to mean only a small fine. Boyle has had previous legal problems in TN. It is disappointing that the protection of pro life people exercising their constitutional right to pray on public property outside abortion mills were held in such low regard that threats of violence from pro abortion people are considered disorderly conduct at best. 


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