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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

OR PP workers birth a union and terminate a CEO

How interesting that 10 Planned Parenthood branches  representing 160 workers  in OR  voted to be represented by  an SEI union.  This is Obama's favorite union so they should find like minded comrades there. Planned Parenthood fought the organizing attempt and the union accused them of being "anti choice".
 "A union rep told KBOO radio that management had been holding "captive meetings" and sending out intimidating emails. Niemi also says that Planned Parenthood has been "restricting workers' speech and rights" by asking workers to not discuss the union during work."
The union also complained that workers were receiving phone calls at home but Planned Parenthood replied...
Our employees, like our patients, should be fully informed to make decisions about their future."
The workers had gripes about not having a "livable" wage and wanted "more of a voice" in policy making.    During the campaign,  the union threatened to picket  Planned Parenthood and this caused them to cancel a $250 per plate  fund raising dinner.  

 The propaganda generated during the union organizing drive lauded the hard work of the workers noting how many pregnancy tests they administered and how many birth control pills were distributed. They noted  that  "Oregonians have  the highest per capita usage of Planned Parenthood in the nation." No mention of how many abortions were performed leaving that tidbit unreported. 
" The newborn union then jumped headfirst into its first bargaining process with the PPCW board in November, which lasted all winter and finally came to a close last week"
Alas, while an agreement is born, the employment of the CEO David Greenberg  is terminated.  

It is with tongue in cheek that I highlighted the words to describe the union campaign and outcome with the nation's largest promoter and provider of abortions.  They are so hardened to their work and use these words to describe their little struggle they probably miss the irony of the words also used to terminate the lives of the preborn boys and girls who will forever have their voices and rights silenced.

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