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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Abortion industry sad attempt...I wish I had been aborted even though I am now happy and successful....

This sad tale is the attempt of the abortion industry to refute the damage done by real life testimonies of people who were targeted for abortion but lived. People like Rebecca Kiessling or Gianna Jessen. You have heard these names.....Rebecca was conceived as a result of gang rape and Gianna survived a late term abortion attempt. Their stories are compelling. You cannot look into their human faces and say should be dead because of the circumstances of your conception or the plight of the birth mother. Your life is less important than hers. We can do without you. 

So the pitiful answer to these human faces is to trot out a story from someone who wishes he/she had been aborted. First I note that the writer maintains a pseudonym. When someone is not ready to attache their own/real name to an article, it makes me suspicious or doubt the credibility right away.  

First argument is that I probably never would have felt a mother would finish college and find "feminism" and not made such bad choices in her life....or fallen into poverty. She would have been professors like her parents. He/she then recounts how he/she suffered at the hands of an abusive poor choosing mother and ends with this summary.
"Before the age of 14, I had never been to a sleep-over, been allowed to talk to a friend on the phone, eaten in a restaurant, watched a television show, listened to the radio, read a non-Christian book. or even wear a pair of jeans."
 However, he/she later recounts that despite the bad beginning....
"It is true that in the past 12 years, I have been able to rise above the circumstances of my birth and build a life that I truly love. But no one should have to make such a Herculean struggle for simple normalcy. Even given the happiness and success I now enjoy, if I could go back in time and make the choice for my mother, it would be abortion."
 In case you think he/she is making a pro life point; , he/she is quick to end with ...anything I did in this world could be done by someone else....I should be dead and that would be best. 

"But my attitude is that as long as I am already here, I might as well do all I can to make the world a better place, to ease the suffering of others, and to experience love and life to its fullest.
Kind of convoluted thinking....advocate abortion so that others can be disposed of by dismemberment  and  not experience love and life to its fullest.  

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