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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Another intimidation attempt by abortion industry and their friends in high places....


Do you know how dangerous 64 year old grandmothers can be?  Pro lifers on watch lists...intimidation by govt. officials? Here is a grandmother who is arrested in Chicago for allegedly "touching" someone the day before the arrest even though she had not be in front of the abortion mill counseling for a week. A worker told police that she had "touched" someone the day before and they led her away in handcuff. Read the account and see the video here.

A few days back Jill Stanek wrote that her  daughter and son in law received a surprise visit from the FBI as they were caring for their newborn baby. Andy and his wife are pro life and have prayed, counseled and protested in front of abortion mills in Dallas. They are aware of the law and abide by it and with no evidence to the contrary.  They were asked some pointed questions about their faith, belief systems, how long they had been married and were especially interested in the fact that his mother in law was a prominent pro life blogger. They said they were a special unit that investigated Hate Crimes and White Supremacy. They seemed to know quite a bit about him including where he was from. The point of the visit seemed to be intimidation.

Andy Moore and the Chicago grandmother will not be intimidated... and neither will we. The abortion industry and their friends in high places  are wasting the time.

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