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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Cancer survivor, new mom is thankful like she's never been thankful

from Tennessean:

"Joanna Montgomery was featured in the Mother’s Day issue of The Tennessean. Since telling her story through her blog, she has received national attention, including a September appearance on Katie Couric’s show, “Katie.” Follow Montgomery at or on Twitter @hellojomo."
"On Dec. 1, 2011, I underwent an emergency C-section. Mysterious pain brought me into the emergency room, and it was discovered that I was experiencing a partial placental abruption."
"I now know that it was pain from the cancer growing inside me that brought me to the emergency room that day. It was the cancer that alerted us to the fact that our little girl was about to lose her source of nourishment.
It was the cancer that saved her life. And she saved mine, too. If I hadn't become pregnant, the cancer — a typically asymptomatic type — likely would not have been discovered until it had spread much further."
pix: Tennessean

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