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Friday, December 7, 2012

Doctor's words trivialize abortion and life

American Thinker has some thoughts about how words shape our culture and our attitude.....she tells of a married woman,  who upon receiving the news of a positive pregnancy test,  was met with this next question from her health care provider....are you going to keep it???
It????from a Dr.  Such a casual question that puts abortion right out there as an option to consider like color swatches! I would switch doctors in a heartbeat, wouldn't you??

"The unwanted assumptions must be fully unpacked to appreciate how such language shapes our culture's attitudes. Why is it deemed acceptable to insinuate abortion into pregnancy?
The fact that healthy married women are now asked if they are keeping their children shows that the abortion industry has far outgrown performing abortions only when a woman's life is in jeopardy."

Made for TV movies that glorify abortion, words that trivialize it,  and the compliant  media that seeks to  normalize it are also guilty. Terminate a pregnancy....emptying contents of the uterus...products of conception...blob of tissue....fetus.....words to deny the humanity of the preborn.

"Fifty years ago, no one would have dreamed of asking a pregnant woman, "Are you keeping it?" Decades of rhetoric intended to "empower" women has led young women of childbearing age down a path strewn with unconscious stratagems and casual "keeping it" questions. Such language reveals a mindset intent on throwing off nagging second thoughts and tradition, seeking at all cost to protect its revolution. But the adherents to such a mindset cannot possibly comprehend their own jaded sensibilities and evacuated consciences."

Another unintended consequence of the feminist movement....the empowering of women......women's right to choose....choose what ?? To kill their own. God help us!  

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Aura Lea said...

How horrifying... The natural response is to recognize the new life as a baby from conception and to welcome him or her with joy and excitement. As others have pointed out, there are no royal watchers going around talking about Kate Middleton as carrying an "embryo", "fetus" or "product of conception." There are no "blob of tissue" showers. People know in their hearts that the child is a child, and these other terms are just ways to appease guilty consciences.