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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Breaking News: NYT publishes article on March for Life and refers to us as pro life....

New York Times broke their streak of ignoring the Annual March for Life held each year in Washington DC on the anniversary of the decision legalizing abortion in all states.  And they actually broke with their practice of calling us anti choice and called us pro life. never cease to amaze.
pix from NYT of 2013 March for Life
Yes, they said tens of thousands attended. The Park Service no longer will give a count of their estimates. I heard EWTN hired someone to do the count. I was there and I can attest that it was appeared to be a larger crowd than last year. And it was cold and snowy. Attendees from around the world. I saw people representing Korea, Italy, Ireland to name a few. And the youth!!!!! How they outnumbered us. The church had a strong presence. Again, faces were smiling.....crowds were orderly and tidy. Kids were singing and dancing and playing drums and making up cute rhymes and waving signs. NYT said there were counter demonstrators but I did not see any.

Oh and this news flash the Pope tweeted a greeting to us. Does it get any better than this??

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