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Monday, February 4, 2013

Objections to informed consent bill acknowledges women know they are pregnant with an "actual human life."

Well  it appears that the abortion friendlies are abandoning their  'it's just a clump of cells' verbiage in this article written in the Nashville Scene  and promoted by Planned Parenthood on Facebook. . They were complaining about a bill filed in the TN state senate  by Senator Jim Tracy (R) Shelbyville.
"When you read SB0632, it becomes obvious that the bill is premised on the idea that if you're having an abortion, it must be because you don't know you're pregnant with an actual human life."
Wow, they are acknowledging that you are pregnant with a human life...not a clump of cells!!!!

This is in response to a bill  offering women presenting for an abortion the opportunity to view the  trans-abdominal ultrasound and receive a printed copy of the ultrasound. It also states that fetal information be explained in understandable lay terms and  to hear the heartbeat. Shriek!!!!!

Of course the abortion industry opposes giving women this information and further insults women by stating that ......"We Americans are a fat people."

Because of this statement,  they suspect more will have to undergo the trans vaginal ultrasound to get this information.    The abortion industry routinely does ultrasounds  to determine the fetal age to  determine the procedure used to kill the developing human life in the womb....and if the abdominal ultrasound is not sufficient...sometimes due to the girth of the mother, trans vaginal ultrasound is used. So what's the beef with providing the women with informed consent??? 

 I guess their  motto  here is less is better. Or could it be that more information means less business for the abortion industry??

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