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Monday, February 11, 2013

Prenatal tests are search and destroy missions and in this case they destroyed two....

  This is another reason I hate those "search and destroy" tests called prenatal tests which is not done on women of all ages during pregnancy. A young lady at church recently asked for prayer for upcoming   ultrasound and prenatal tests. This was her first pregnancy. I went and talked to her and asked her to call me when the tests were done to let me know what they were. Since she felt free to share this prayer request with the church, I felt safe to ask her to do that. I did not want to get into it too much with her at this stage,  but mentioned that there are a large number of false positive tests and although I was sure everything would be fine, to please let me know right away. If she got bad news I wanted her not to be rushed into an emotional decision that she would regret. The news turned out to be positive.

     What is the point of these tests? To find out that perhaps the baby she was carrying was less than perfect?? And to destroy.... and in this case the mother was destroyed with her daughter. Why on earth anyone would take their wife/daughter to a Carhart facility is beyond me. But then they probably thought like so many others that these places were safe as in the safe and legal mantra.  

As I write this I cringe remembering that 19 years ago I took my own daughter to a facility that I presumed was safe since it was open. Now I know that facility is not regulated, inspected or licensed by the DOH.  That God my daughter had more courage than me and my grandson graduates from high school this year. 


from Jill

BREAKING: Carhart’s victims identified

I did not report on the death last week of a patient of late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart because I did not have corroboration.
I now do.
a470b078-5ece-4f99-8bca-4830b5722440Carhart’s alleged victims were 29-year-old Jennifer McKenna Morbelli, pictured right, and her 33-week-old preborn daughter, Madison Leigh. Read their obituary here.
My sincere sympathies go to Jennifer and Madison’s family, who is certainly suffering unimaginable grief.
I confirmed the identities of the victims through two sources. After a name ID was received from an impeccable informant, sidewalk counselors at the abortion clinic positively identified Jennifer’s obituary photo. Jennifer’s obituary also states she “passed away suddenly.”
Following is the information and timeline pieced together through those and other sources. Operation Rescue’s Cheryl Sullenger is to be commended for her work exposing this terrible tragedy.
Jennifer was married and a kindergarten teacher at Church Street Elementary School in White Plains, New York. Jennifer was carrying a wanted baby. At present her registry is still online. Very sad to view.
Approximately two weeks ago Jennifer learned her daughter suffered from fetal anomalies.
Jennifer, her husband, her parents, and her sister traveled to Carhart’s late-term Germantown Reproductive Health Services abortion clinic in Germantown, Maryland, last weekend.
Carhart began the abortion process on Sunday, February 3, in the afternoon, according to sidewalk counselors who maintain a constant presence at the clinic when it is open. They noted Jennifer appeared “very” late-term.
Leroy_Carhart_2According to those counselors, Sunday is when Carhart kills late-term babies by lethal injection into the heart through the mothers’ abdominal wall.
Jennifer and her family returned on Monday, presumably to begin the labor induction process by insertion of laminaria or prostaglandins to dilate the cervix, and again on Tuesday.
They likely spent each night at a nearby hotel, as is the usual process for a multi-day, late-term abortion at Carhart’s Germantown clinic.
Each day sidewalk counselors noted in real-time annotations that Jennifer appeared more and more pale.
The family returned again on Wednesday, presumably for the delivery of Jennifer’s dead baby Madison, staying nine hours, an extraordinary length of time. They left at 4:35 p.m.
Carhart and his wife Mary Lou left soon afterward. The two typically fly out on Wednesday afternoons to either Indianapolis, Indiana, or Bellevue, Nebraska, to commit abortions on Thursdays. Carhart is what’s known as a “circuit rider” abortionist.
At approximately 5:00 a.m. on Thursday, February 7, Jennifer presented at Shady Grove Adventist Hospital in Rockville, Maryland, which is almost nine miles from Carhart’s clinic.
Family members told hospital personnel they had tried to reach Carhart several times, but he did not return their calls.
At approximately 9:00 a.m. Jennifer coded. She coded a total of six times before she was pronounced dead at about 10:00 a.m.
It was during this time Carhart called the hospital. He never showed up.
A medical examiner was called due to the unusual circumstance of an otherwise healthy 29-year-old suddenly dying. The examiner spend 4-1/2 hours with the patient’s chart. The Washington Post reported yesterday that both the medical examiner and Montgomery County Police Department are conducting an investigation.
Carhart’s clinic licensed the day before Morbelli died
It is not known whether the State of Maryland will close down Carhart’s mill pending these and other investigations. In November 2012 the state enacted abortion clinic regulations. Ironically, the day before Morbelli died the state licensed 17 abortion clinics, including Carhart’s, but without ever inspecting them.
After Tiller
LeRoy Carhart is likely the most prominent abortionist in America.
Carhart was the plaintiff in two U.S. Supreme Court cases, Stenberg v. Carhart in 2000, which he won and which forced the State of Nebraska to overturn its ban against partial birth abortions; and Gonzales v. Carhart in 2007, which he lost and which allowed the federal Partial-Birth Abortion Ban to stand.
Carhart is also one of four abortionists, pictured above, featured in the new documentary, After Tiller, which just received rave reviews at the Sundance Film Festival. That documentary’s credibility has now gone up in smoke.
Jennifer and her family came to Carhart for help, albeit misguided, and he destroyed them.

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