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Friday, March 1, 2013

NY: PP disaffiliated because they won't provide abortion not enough for PP

If you want to be a part of us you must provide abortions. It's a requirement.  News item out of abortion friendly NY report. 

That is the A word that Planned Parenthood tries to downplay saying that they are in existence to provide women's healthcare services. Here in NY, this former Planned Parenthood facility did not provide abortions and would not start doing it. Not because of any objection to abortion per say but that abortions were already provided at several others facilities in the area. But in order to be a part of PP you must provide abortions. So they disaffiliated with PP and now are known as Family Planning of South Central New York. Same location and staff but different name, signs and facebook page.

So the next time you hear PP try to downplay abortion and say that most of their services are healthcare and family planning, ask them why they require all affiliates to do abortion. Because that is where the $$ is.

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