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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Aliyah and Abortion: Conflicting policies for Israel ??

Aliyah (UK /ˌælɪˈɑː/, US /ˌɑːliˈɑː/; Hebrew: עֲלִיָּה‎ aliyah, "ascent") is the
immigration of Jews from the diaspora to the land of Israel (Eretz Yisrael). Also defined as "the act of going up" or as in progressing towards Jerusalem. It is one of the most basic tenets of Zionistideology.
In 2012, I spent two weeks touring Israel. Our Jewish guide spoke often and passionately about making aliyah....for the Jews of the world to return to Israel. This is greatly encouraged and you are afforded full rights to vote once you return to Israel. 

One the one hand, they are encouraging Jews to return to their homeland and populate Israel. But they are also working against the building of their population with their attitudes on abortion.

If you look up how Jews view abortion, you will find a variety of answers...most will say that abortion is not allowed except under certain circumstances dealing with the threat to the life of the mother. However, reality is a different story.

I once spoke at a rally with a Jewish man who was protesting in favor of abortion.I asked him to explain his views to me. He told me that Jews do not consider the soul entering the body until the baby is fully birthed, breathing and the umbilical cord cut.

Abortion is easy to get in Israel and is fairly common. Upon completing high school, all men and women are mandated to serve in the for three years and women for two. You can imagine the fraternization and subsequent pregnancies. The govt. pays for the first abortion for the female soldier.

It is necessary to appear before a govt. approved panel to seek permission to abort, but the approval rate is 98%.

According to an article in the Times of Israel, a proposed policy to expand payment of abortions for women ages 20-33 is being considered. If fully implemented into law, the cost is estimated to be $4.5 million US dollars for the 6300 women in the new age range expected to abort. Panel approval is still required,but remain almost automatic.

Women also do not need the consent of any male, including the father of the child, nor do minors need the consent of parents or guardians. Israeli medical coverage offers an array of free testing for genetic and congenital birth defects.
The subject of abortion, according to the article, is not considered political and does not enter into campaigns. There is no active movement opposing abortions.

How does it make sense for Israel to actively promote building their population by encouraging aliyah and simultaneously destroy their population through abortion?


harper said...

I am a Jew. I am pro-life. I'm also an American. The socialist nature of Israeli society completely turned me off to the place during the year I spent there. The worst thing Jews have done is get ourselves wrapped up in socialist thought. Most Israelis are secular. They do not attend a synagogue except for holidays, many do not keep kosher.

You are spot on that military service is the main source of the problem. It's time for Israeli to switch from mandatory service to a volunteer system.

The other problem is that many secular Israelis think that promiscuity is what other developed, Western countries promote. They see American movies, for example, and think that's how Americans behave. Israeli society also does not have the same taboos against workplace sexual harassment that Americans do. And it's only natural that a high abortion rate would ensue when a culture promotes the idea that every male is worth laying once.

Israel has many cultural norms that are not consistent with a Jewish State. Israel's policy on abortion is just one of them.

Susie Allen said...

Thanks for your comments and insights. It is nice to hear that you are Jewish and pro life. May your tribe increase! Were you over there studying? working? I found it so interesting and hope to return sometime.