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Friday, January 3, 2014

I was pregnant and wanted to medal....The Good Wife downplays dangers of RU 486....

I have recently heard about the TV show "The Good Wife" and started watching it via my Amazon Prime. I am in season 4.  Although the main characters are decidedly liberal  it is an interesting show.  

Season 4, Episode 12 entitled Je Ne Sais What? deals with the chemical abortion RU 486 and an Olympic performer.

The gist of the episode is that an Olympic runner is suing a sponsor for non payment. The sponsor states that she broke her contract when she is charged with doping and is banned from an upcoming race. The case is being heard before an international tribunal. 

As the facts unfold, it is uncovered by her own attorneys that she was pregnant (thus the change in hormones showing in her urinalysis ) and the pills purported delivered to her  by her boyfriend was actually the pills to produce a medical abortion, also known as RU 486. She refuses to tell this to the international tribunal to defend herself. She says  she is ashamed and does not want her parents to know. She has subsequently broken up with the boyfriend and is ashamed of her choice.
"I was pregnant and I wanted to medal."

Although she expresses shame and regret, the show downplays the reality of how RU 486 works. It is written  as though she simply swallowed a pill and ran an Olympic  race. Nothing could be further from the truth. The reality is that she would be bedridden for hours or days as her body contracts and bleeds out the contents of her uterus and the corpse of her child. She would hardly be competing in an Olympic race and winning a medal. 

The FDA report in 2011 acknowledged 14 maternal deaths and over 2K adverse effects. 
The good wife may be entertaining but they did a grave disservice to act as though taking the abortion pills is no big deal. Check out the blog dedicated to his daughter, Holly Patterson, by Monty Patterson after she died from RU 486.  It details all the risks of this procedure. It is a big deal and shame on The Good Wife for downplaying the dangers.

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