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Monday, January 6, 2014

Girl Scout you should know why we do not buy cookies from your daughter

"Girl Scouts recently promoted late-term abortion advocate and Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis as one of their “incredible women of the year.”
We have seen complaints before about Girl Scouts aligning themselves with Planned Parenthood and such offerings as the Healthy, Happy and Hot sex information brochure.

Previously, Girl Scouts sponsored a panel discussion and event to promote the premier of Makers, a documentary about trailblazers and pioneers who were pro abortion feminist.
"During a panel discussion associated with the screening, Amy Richards, co-founder of the Third Wave Foundation, a pro-abortion, pro-LGBT group, was introduced as a member of the panel. In MAKERS, Richards described how her “first thought” when she learned she was pregnant with triplets was, “Is there any way to get rid of one of them?” Subsequently, she aborted two of them."
I think I am going to print out this page and when approached by a Girl Scout to buy cookies, I will smile and say no thank you and quietly hand this page to the mother with her to educate her and explain why I am not supporting her daughter.

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