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Monday, February 10, 2014

Edith chooses Life: Downton Abbey, acknowledges that her pregnancy is indeed a child.

I must admit I love watching Downton Abbey. 

Last night,  Edith chose life for her pre born child in the midst of much trial and hardship. She knew she would be an outcast, shunned, and worse yet the father of the baby is missing in Germany. She has the money to get an abortion but when she hears the sobs of the patient before her she backs out.

Her agony over the decision is clear when she says  that she knows she would be killing  the wanted child of the man she loves . The supportive aunt helps her take a bold stand for life. We will keep tuned to see  what happens to her,  but it is good to see popular dramas showing strong characters taking a stand for life and acknowledging that the pre born are children.

I am rooting for Edith....

pic: ITV

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