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Thursday, February 13, 2014

IL judge discounts fines to abortion facility because they were closing except they didn't....

Thomas More Society reports that Judge Alexander White reduced the fine of the Women's Aid Clinic in Chicago from $36K to a mere $77 to satisfy the fines for Illinois Department of Public Health’s for the many unsanitary conditions found in their first inspection in 15 years. 

 " Some of these violations included storing frozen tv dinners in the same biohazard refrigerator as eight containers of fetal tissue. All five recovery rooms contained rust and nearly twenty medication cups with Motrin and Tylenol also had crumbs in them. A technician was observed by inspectors as “retrieving a paper towel from a garbage receptacle and using the same paper towel to cover a tray that would serve food items to patients.” The IDPH inspection report also cited the women’s clinic for failing to perform CPR on a girl who died following an abortion."

Now why reduce this fine? Well the owner said the clinic was shut down and that was all the money left. Except that they did not close....
" However, the memo details evidence that Rozansky closed Women’s Aid Clinic only to promptly open Women’s Aid Center in its place—at the same address, with the same phone number, and using the same website."

A copy of the memorandum can be viewed here. So what about it judge? And let's hear that safe and legal refrain again??? Anyone??

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