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Friday, February 14, 2014

TN pharmacist files claim stating he was fired for refusing to sell Plan B due to religious beliefs...

Pharmacist Claims He Was Fired For Refusing To Sell Plan B

Here's the part I love....when the shipment of Plan B came in, he bought them all with his own money and then dumped them. He was a long time employee of Walgreen's and the store had previously honored his stated religious beliefs from selling Plan B when it was available only by prescription. When it became available over the counter, Walgreen's asked him how he would treat a request for Plan B. He stated that he was fired on the spot when he said he would refuse and refer to another employee to handle the sale. He is filing a lawsuit.

Here's the part that does not make sense to me....since Plan B is now sold over the counter, since when does the pharmacist check you out. He/she is typically behind the counter filling prescriptions and someone else checks you out.

Read the Federal Complaint filed in the Middle District of Tennessee here.

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