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Friday, March 14, 2014

Houston Abortion Doctor Douglas Karpen’s Legal Troubles Continue

from News 92fm  Houston

HOUSTON – A Houston abortion doctor who was investigated by a Harris County grand jury last year is now being sued.  A former patient claims she suffered a torn uterus, bleeding and extensive pain. Doctor Douglas Karpen was not indicted in 2013 and the new lawsuit is unrelated.

The law suit claims medical negligence on the part of Karpen who runs the Aaron Woman’s Clinic.
The suit cliams “permanent injuries” were caused by Karpen and the patient “continues to suffer as a result of medical negligence.”  The legal document says her injuries were discovered by another doctor who also found internal bleeding.

Because of the nature of the case News 92 FM is not revealing the name of the woman who filed the suit.
A woman who claims she is a former employee of Karpin says there are a lot of woman injured at the Aaron Clinic and they are not treated well.  She says when Karpin injures a woman he never tells her.
“Never telling the woman hey I ripped your cervix you need to get that looked at,” Edge said.
According to the suit the abortion was performed during the third trimester when the patient was 22 weeks pregnant.
She also revealed that Karpin charges $4,000 to $5,000 for a late term abortion.
News 92 FM attempted to contact both sides in this law suit and our calls have not been returned.

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