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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jeremiah: WH phone call objecting to honest opinion in interview...

 David Jeremiah has fought two battles with cancer in the 1990's,  so a phone call from the White House liaison to POTUS objecting to his expressing his opinion in a radio interview hardly gets his blood pressure up.  Jeremiah was being interviewed on a radio program regarding his new book The Coming Economical Armageddon: What Bible Prophecy Warns about the New Global Economy. He was asked a question and gave an honest answer about his opinion of Obama and his policies.
In that interview, Jeremiah was asked about the direction the country is going under Barack Obama's leadership.

"I do not believe he has been an asset to our country; I don't believe he's moved us forward in a good direction, and frankly, I am praying, along with many other believers, that in this mid-term election we will find a way to slow down this train that seems to be moving us toward socialism and away from our historical moorings," Dr. Jeremiah explained. "I'm really frightened about that, and I think in that respect, I believe he's a dangerous person."

So as with Juan Williams, he finds  expressing your honest opinion gets you in trouble. Joshua DuBois, Obama's liaison to the faith based community  gets his daily Google search on people who do not fall into the "thrill up my leg "  when POTUS  speaks category and calls Jeremiah. Jeremiah does not fall on the altar of I didn't mean it and agrees to disagree with Mr. D on this issue but releases a gracious statement.

"In this important dialogue about the future of our country and the resolution of the issues that we are currently facing as a nation, there must be room for criticism and debate, and each of us should feel the responsibility to speak out. Joshua knows of my concerns and left the door open for further discussions in the future."

"Please remember to pray for our nation and for our president!"

As one interview with Jeremiah is titled ....God is everything I need... he is a man  not afraid to speak his mind  as cancer and the White House do  not scare him. What I find interesting is that the WH employs people to monitor anyone who does not fall at the altar of the POTUS.  How much longer until we cannot publicly state our honest opinion?  After all it is an opinion and you can take it or leave it. The White House obviously feels it is important to nip those opinions in the bud lest others start to notice that the emperor has no clothes.

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