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Friday, October 29, 2010

Lincoln Davis: tested and did not bow to Pelosi pressure on the issue of LIFE

There is much consternation  and press over the battle brewing with the Pro Life Democrats....12 of them   fell under pressure from Obama and Pelosi . As my previous post touched on the battle that has landed in the courts and amazingly ACLU of OH sided with the pro life Susan B Anthony on the issue of free speech and their right to campaign on this issue. Susan B. Anthony is targeting those who threw  their pro life credentials  under the bus when the going got tough and voted for Obamacare. They  tried to hide behind the sham fig leaf of  an Executive Order.

TN  Right to Life remains a non partisan single issue advocacy organization and despite rumors to the contrary do support true pro life Democrats.  They know a thing or two about pressure to compromise on the  issue of Life. 

With all the chatter of those who caved,  there is not much mention of those few who is here in TN. Lincoln Davis (D) represents the 4th district. He is  running for reelection in a year when being an incumbent is a clear disadvantage.  Lincoln,despite intense  Washington pressure,  maintains a 100% voting record for Life.  Wow...that is no small accomplishment inside the beltway with a Democratic controlled Congress and White House.  Many have fallen for empty  promises and gotten trapped... just ask  Bart Stupak.

Here's to one who stood for the sanctity of life under pressure-100% of the time. Thank you Lincoln Davis.  Tested and not found wanting.....


J said...

The only problem with your argument is the fact that Lincoln Davis was too cowardly to speak out over the Obama care issue which will allow tax payer funded abortions to take place. It's one thing to obstain from a vote, another to vote no, and in a class by itself to get you rear out of your seat and walk up to the microphone of courage and say, "This is just plain wrong."

republicanmother said...

I saw a video where Mr. Davis' arrogance was on full display. He mocked and laughed at a constituent who brought up constitutional issues and then he starts going on about his guns to change the subject.

J is right, he went all limp when it really mattered with Obamacare, which will do a lot to increase abortion in this country. I hope he loses- he's been in there long enough.