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Thursday, December 16, 2010

OR: Carhart MD application for medical license omits key information

Operation Rescue continues to investigate and disclose Dr. LeRoy Carhart as he sets up late term abortion shops in MD. They receive a copy of his application for a Maryland medical license and not several areas of concern. MD may be a liberal state when it comes to oversight of abortions but they are clearly on notice as OR informs on the infamous Carhart and his dummy corporations set up to disguise his true source of income.......late term abortions.

"While Carhart lists a job history that links him with ten hospitals over the years, the most recent affiliation ended in 1987. Page six of his application clearly shows that he has no hospital privileges anywhere.
Carhart conducts risky multiple-day late-term abortions using a method that is known to be prone to complications. While Carhart worked for Tiller in Kansas, he was involved in numerous botched late-term abortions that required emergency hospitalization of his patients."

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