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Sunday, March 27, 2011

NYC PP fund raiser: jokes about one night stands and abortions

Only in NYC would a fund raiser for Planned Parenthood be called Roe on the Rocks...from their lips to God's ears! 

Only  in NYC would this be a night of stand up comedy...the legalization  of the demise of over 53MM innocent,defensless, preborn babies...a real  laugh line for sure.  They talk about the peril of family planning services....excuse me....Roe Vs. Wade legalized abortion, not the use of birth control. Interesting how PP just wants to talk about family planning services as opposed to abortion. Oh, but to them...abortion is a method of birth control.  They have said that over and if to repeat it enough would make it true.

The emcee shares her proud past of moving to NYC and doing an imitation of Sex and  the City.....trying to break their  record of one night stands and then.... the condom broke. Yuk! Yuk! 

Off to PP she goes  to be escorted into the clinic by the PP escorts for her abortion past the protesters and getting her through a difficult time by complimenting her trendy ear rings.  She promises more funny stories like that.

Wow!  Is this gallows humor?   One night stands, trendy ear rings and abortions...a real side splitter.

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