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Friday, March 25, 2011

Pinellas (FL) NOW chapter threatens strike...No abortion then no sex!!

Article from FL is full of quotes that will make great punch lines somewhere. Well that will show em! No abortion....okay they say NO SEX!! We will abstain from sex....well there you go. Maybe this can catch on!
"If they ban abortion, we’re going on strike. No sex,” said Peggy Goodale, of Pinellas Park."

"And we don’t wear bras anymore, so there’s nothing to burn,” added fellow member Sandra Jelricky, "

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Cecilia said...

WOW! I guess that will end the chance of unplanned pregnancy. So no need for abortion, right? Gee, maybe this will be a learning experience for these gals. They seem to need a biology lesson anyway.
Women who don't want abortions should try the same tack. No sex unless you promise not to push for abortion if an unplanned pregnancy happens. Or the woman could tease out what the guy thinks of coerced abortion, and if he's OK with it, no sex for him, at least not with this gal.
But it's good to know there will be fewer unplanned pregnancies among pro-aborts.

Anonymous said...

Women who don't want abortion, especially those who are pro-life, most definitely should know where their sexual partner stands on abortion. And the same goes for men who feel the same. And if their beliefs don't jive then they shouldn't have sex. Or at least they should use a reliable form of birth control and be diligent.