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Saturday, May 21, 2011

TN: stirring debate to pass constitutional amendment....10 years in the making

Listen to the debate on the House floor yesterday before passing SJR 127  by 76-18. Special interest and thanks to Reps. Dunn, Williams and Holt for their outspoken and unashamed witness for life.  Rep. Maggart did an excellent job of holding the line against  attempts to attach another hostile amendment that would invalidate this joint resolution in our current liberal activist  court.

I took special delight having watched this battle over the past 10 years to remember those who railed against life ( only talking  of abortion in the case of rape which accounts for less than 1% of abortions) and having any regulations around abortion in TN. As a result were not longer there in the legislature.  The people spoke...

I smiled when Rep. Holt stood up and said this is why I am here. Many became active and ran for office and defeated those who stood with the abortion industry year after year. Elections matter and how dare we not get involved when issues such as this are on the line. 

This was a bipartisan vote...Rep Charlie Curtis (D) who stood in  front with the House sponsor Debra Maggart (R)  and never wavered or buckled under the cause for life even against his own party....correctly called the final vote tally. 

Many people say they are pro life but few are willing to stand for life when they are opposed by their own party. Thank you Rep. Curtis 

Now on to the educational war. I am happy that some media are finally understanding the issue and reporting it correctly. Many have a long way to go especially in the print media. One newscaster asked how we were going to educate the people before the 2014 election on this issue when we are underfunded against the abortion lobby. Well we have the grassroots support and the hearts and minds of Tennesseans on this issue. One Democratic leader jokingly said after the vote that Right to Life now can lay off half their staff. Yes, I answered all of us volunteers can get laid off! 

But the fight remains...we must educate the voters against the well funded abortion industry what this constitutional amendment means and why they need to support it in 2014.   I cannot help remember that this all started because Planned Parenthood and the ACLU sued the state to remove all restrictions around abortion. They publicly have stated that they brought this fight because they correctly gauged that there was a liberal activist court that would side with them and give TN the most liberal abortion laws in the union. No informed consent, no waiting periods, no instance that late term abortions be done in could   we remain silent....

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