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Saturday, May 21, 2011

TN Gen. Assembly says NO to Death by Skype....sorry PP!!

Death by Skype....not in TN. For back stories read here and here.  Well another good day for TN and the laborers in the pro life movement. Planned Parenthood hoped  to use telemed abortions as their new cash cow. They started in Iowa and even said how they wanted to make this nationwide. TN is joining other states in passing laws specifically saying NO to Death By Skype. Good work Legislature. It passed by 86-6 in House and 29-1 in Senate! 

Guess who was the lone one in the Senate voting against banning  telemed for medical abortions. None other than Planned Parenthood's supporter and best friend from Memphis  Senator Beverly Marrero (D).  She thought this was ludicrous idea in committee but  was the lone vote against the ban in  full session. To give her the benefit of a doubt, maybe she did not believe that it was actually being done and being such a strong supporter of Planned Parenthood wants to support them  no matter what. I hope  research material left in her office may hopefully convince her otherwise. 

But back to the congratulations for the  TN General Assembly for being proactive and saying Death by Skype....NOT IN TN.

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