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Sunday, May 22, 2011

TN: May 21st....seemed like the end of the world for PP with unprecedented pro life victories...

 May 21, 2011 was not  a good day for Planned Parenthood and the "Choice crowd." PP might have hoped the world would come to an end  because for them it seemed like it did. The General Assembly handed them unprecedented  pro life victories.

  1. Proposed constitutional amendment to overturn 2000 state supreme court finding of fundamental right to abortion sent to 2014 ballot.  76-18 House, 24-8 Senate.
  2. Unborn Victims of Violence bill extending current law to include unborn children prior to viability just passed House 80-0, passed senate earlier today 26-0. This was a bill sponsored by Rep. Josh Evans (R) Robertson County.
  3. Use of telemedicine for abortion banned in Tennessee 86-6 in house on Friday and 29-1 in senate on Thursday. Another wonderful victory...Planned Parenthood had hoped for  this to be their cash cow.
  4. Budget amendment passed requiring all Title X funds to be fully used by local, county or municipal health departments and their staff. No funds shall be directed to third party organizations or agencies. Yes, you read right. Planned Parenthood defunded in TN!! Yes, elections matter. For too long Planned Parenthood coolly collected  1.1MM of our tax dollars every year. 
  5.  House resolution honoring Tennessee's pregnancy resource centers passed 95-0 on Thursday. Rep. Gotto pulled this surprise move startling even the pro abortion legislators.

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