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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Walk for Choice in Nashville....pitiful attendance but interesting signs....

Walk for Choice announced for Saturday,  May 21, 2011, at noon at Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park near the railroad trestle at 600 James Robertson Parkway. No parade permit  needed for this crowd!! Check out these pictures.....
 See the crowd??  This is it.....Maybe it is the signs.....Where is  PP prez Jeff Teague, Hedy  Weinberg, all the Planned Parenthood lobbyists...come on it was a beautiful sunny day in Nashville and this is the best you could do?? Oh ya, Jeff "liked it" on Facebook. Now that's commitment.


Stacy Trasancos said...

Ew. I was going to make a joke about the rapture scares...but I can't bring myself to joke about any of this at all. It's just sad. :-)

Anonymous said...

"Now that's committment"

No Susie, that's people not too concerned that their right to abortion might be taken away from them. We know it won't happen. And we are good with the status quo.

Becca said...

Wow, Susie, REpost some pics of individuals being silly and nothing about the actual protest or walk. NOW THAT'S COMMITMENT!

What does Jeff Teague, have to do with Walk For Choice, which is a grassroots movement? Way to report the facts. NOW THAT'S COMMITMENT!

Gotta commend Susie for her "slactivism" NOW THAT'S COMMITMENT!

Anonymous said...

Gosh PP advertised the Walk on their main page.....still couldn't raise a crowd

Mary Ruth said...

Really? Congrats on your lovely use of propaganda: misuse of facts and misleading information is always a nice way to run a blog. "See the crowd?? This is it...." is absurd. (I mean, apart from the grammar issues.)

There were many more people there than that - probably 20 or more, which is an impressive number of intelligent people to gather in an ignorant state. The signs were witty and creative and all of the walkers got plenty of thumbs-up and cheers for them from drivers. Yep, that's right: the positive reactions far outnumbered any negativity. Even the south won't be as backwards as you want it to be for long.

I'm 15 and I was there with my friend, 16. We're the new generation, and we CANNOT wait to overthrow the archaic laws you love.

Wait and see. You can't hide from change and intelligence for long.

Anonymous said...


A few comments...

1st picture... what's up with the elephant? or is it a puppy? Oh, it's a little felt reproductive system? Clever. I bet you felt real smart cutting that out. Felt reproductive systems held in front of your crotch are the sure way to make people see that, in fact, you do have legitimate discussion to offer and are completely reasonable.

2nd picture... Those are some big panties. I wonder if your grandma knows you are parading them around Nashville. If you would like for your panties to remain your business, try keeping them in your drawers or wear them underneath your clothes at the next rally.

3rd picture... Who is Vagina? Honestly it kinda looks like you probably love a lot of them. Just saying.

4th picture... Is that really the best you could come up with? Those big bad Republicans? Uh the mid-nineties called... it wants it's sign back.

Anonymous said...

I was there and I probably saw a total of thirty different signs that day. If you're pro-life you're not going to find any of them clever because they offend you so I won't bother trying to defend any of them here.

The panties and the reproductive systems were symbolic and intended to be memorable. Which I think they accomplished.

And you're right, annoymous above me. It's not really the Republicans so much as the Fundie backs they're scratching for votes. I'll pick your fleas if you pick mine kind of thing. But that seems like an awful lot to fit onto one sign.

Susie Allen said...

you should have posted those great signs on the your facebook page instead of says 20 people there but they were all intelligent and you say 30 some were holding two signs. But whatever 20-30 on a sunny May day. Congrats. Wonder how many you could get in January?

Anonymous said...

Actually, the Walk for Choice in February had over 100 people, and the march made a few laps around East Nashville. The second one wasn't promoted as well, so many weren't sure exactly when it would be happening, or where until the last minute.

But if gigging them on signs is all you've got, then by all means...just shows you're honing in on the insignificant things because there's really nothing else to pick on. No one was arrested, there were no fights, no screaming - just proud women (and children, and husbands, and boyfriends) supporting common sense and their fellow human beings' right to autonomy over their own bodies.