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Thursday, May 19, 2011

KMart foundation donates 750K to PP mega center in OR

Article applauds groundbreaking for a new PP mill  with a price tag of 12.5 MM  in Portland area.  No more shopping at K Mart stores folks. Under the heading you can't make this stuff up...
chaplains blessing the opening, day care on site while mom offs your siblings...sign a piece of plywood to be displayed in the abortuary.
From the article: 

Other speakers from Planned Parenthood included three of the organization's chaplains, who blessed the opening of the site over the loud yells of the demonstrators.
More good news for Planned Parenthood: Today the national privately owned nonprofit Kresge Foundation made a $750,000 donation to the project.
There will be a daycare center in the same building as the Planned Parenthood facility.
About 100 people came out in support of Planned Parenthood at the event, many of whom signed a large piece of plywood that will be put up in the center.
Looking on Kresge annual report, PP is a favorite of theirs and they donate big bucks. We know where not to shop.

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