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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Russia: experiment has failed now recommending strict laws against abortions.....

Last Saturday, I attended my granddaughter's birthday party. Besides her brother, there were three other children there that were adopted from Russia. They are the lucky ones who escaped the liberal abortion laws of their home country. 

Well Russia now seems to be doing a 360 per this article. Even the Russian Orthodox Church is waking up from their silence and speaking up against abortion. It is never too late but the country is now suffering from a serious population decline. They have had the most liberal laws  and free abortions have not brought the desired result. Abortion is the birth control of preference.  In 2000, they reported a shocking 169 abortions per 100 births in 2000.

Legislation being considered includes the banning of the Morning After Pill, eliminating abortion from their free services at govt. run clinics, parental consent for minors and spousal consent for married women, week long waiting period, safe harbors places for mothers to leave babies they cannot care for without fear of criminal prosecution. So the Russians have done the experiment and are working to turn their country around after the experiment failed. So glad to see the church get involved...they have been silent too long as in this country.
Natalya Karpovich, a lawmaker with the dominant pro-Kremlin party United Russia, who is expecting her fifth child, said she supported stricter regulation of abortions.
Of course all the laws will not automatically get passed but kudos to  her for starting the fight.

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