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Monday, May 30, 2011

UK: 40 yr.old "players" abandon safe sex and embrace more abortions.....

Maybe they need to stop watching so much TV...
The National Post reports that in the UK abortions are up in the 40 yr. old range.

"The head of Britain's biggest abortion provider said women in their 40s -known as "The Sex and the City generation" -were increasingly inclined to take chances with contraception, only to be shocked when they became pregnant."
Shocked that sex leads to pregnancy? Why ? Well, the report states that more marriages are breaking up at this time and the women consider themselves "players." They are less likely to practice safe sex and using the liberal abortion laws as a means of birth control. Of course this is good profitable news for the UK version of Planned Parenthood, Marie Stopes.  

These rates also take into effect women who are waiting  to get pregnant until after establishing their career and finding out that their unborn child has a deformity such as Down's Syndrome  as the risk increases with age. Prenatal testing of this leads to abortion in 90% of the cases.

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Stacy Trasancos said...

That's horrible. I hate that show too. If there were a stronger word, I'd use it. It's all so sad. Thanks for the article.