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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

UK: reports increase in abortions....medical abortions and repeat are those liberal laws working out for you?

How's that working out for you...UK reports abortions up...more are taking the medical abortion pill....up  from 12 per cent in 2000 to a record 43 per cent last year and most are repeat abortions.  Liberal abortion laws, free's that working out for you??

"Among the under-25s, a quarter of abortions were repeat terminations with 79 teenagers who have had two previous abortions undergoing the procedure again last year"
"A spokesman for the Department of Health said: "Abortions are traumatic and stressful and should never be seen as a form of contraception.
"Women and men need to make informed and responsible decisions about their sexual health and think about contraception before having sex"
Obviously they are not heeding that warning...traumatic and stressful ???....why they are just emptying the contents of the uterus of the products of  the conception??

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