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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Update: Names are leaking out on the Mystery how can we fix this

Update again...June 1st...Well the names are coming what are we to do to fix this???

Update: May 28th...No it didn't...yes it did.... Campfield sums it  up...we are all virgins but somehow we got pregnant! 

Update: It came from the Senate side.
 Well here it is ..a real whodunnit in TN. If you follow Senator Stacey Campfield's newsy blog you could follow the story as it unfolds

The idea that a legislative attorney "states"  that  on the direction of an "unnamed legislator" inserted a stealth amendment into the budget in the hurried and waning hours of the session to  undo a sponsored amendment in  the final defunding of Planned Parenthood in TN suspends belief. 

Inquiring minds want to know at whose direction the atty inserted  the amendment and as of now the denials are being followed like a check list ticking off possibilities. 

But what can be done at this point is a point of much discussion.

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