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Thursday, June 2, 2011

HHS tries to bully IN for defunding Planned Parenthood...wants to warn off other states....

Obama will clearly go to the mat for Planned Parenthood.  Today through his administration he
“Medicaid programs may not exclude qualified health care providers — whether an individual provider, a physician group, an outpatient clinic or a hospital — from providing services under the program because they separately provide abortion services,” Center for Medicaid Director Cindy Mann wrote in the memo.
But  Mike Fichter, IN Right to Life responded...
“The Obama administration appears to be intent on trying to force Indiana to subsidize the business of abortion in direct contrast to the desires of the state legislature and the people of Indiana.  Indiana must refuse to be bullied by the federal government and must challenge this politically-charged determination with full vigor.  The state of Indiana has a right to determine how it will manage its Medicaid program and to select the providers it will partner with.  Planned Parenthood is not entitled to public funding,” he said.

Per the AP article , IN is not going  to shy away from this fight.
"Marcus Barlow, a spokesman for Indiana's Family and Social Services Administration, said the state's attorneys have told his department that it must continue to comply with the law passed by the Indiana General Assembly.
We will seek guidance from the Indiana attorney general on how to proceed forward," he said. Bryan Corbin, a spokesman for Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller, said the letter was being reviewed to determine the state's options but that "we will continue to defend the statute."
So IN is saying Game On....we will fight this. The Administration is trying to get ugly to warn off other states that they had better not try to  defund their pet. The abortion industry  is flexing their muscle and Obama is bowing to their demands.

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