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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Abortion is personal....yes, it was personal to the baby as well.....

This pro abortion blog that appears in Philly Post  tells the story of  Rose...

"A friend of mine—we’ll call her Rose—used to be on the other side of the argument. Like any good Catholic girl, she didn’t believe in abortion. Until, just as she neared her 17th birthday, the morning sickness kicked in. A hospital visit, and there it was: Her birth control had failed due to a drug interaction. She was pregnant."
I hate to destroy a good storyline here but  a single girl  being sexually active and on birth control are  two no no's for the Catholic Church....but let's continue....
Then abortion becomes more than a theory  and she decides that she has no other choice than to abort because no one was prepared to parent and she was headed to nursing school. The writer  blows off that it took her a few years to reconcile herself to the decision she made.

Now she goes on to attack pro lifers who want to make laws against abortion. She justifies that this friend's life is important and so are her  plans to go to nursing school where she will be trained to enter a field where she will work to save lives.  Also, she no longer is with the man who got her pregnant. She describes that woman as strong and brave and one who should be praised for making this decision to abort. Now she can have the life she wants.
"What makes that life any more important than the woman’s life?" she asks...
Well here are some points this writer missed. This woman was not risking her life or being asked to give up her life to carry the baby to term.  She could have chosen adoption. How many many couples would have gladly entered into an adoption plan of her,semi open or confidential. She could have continued with her schooling and her  work of saving lives. 

The writer glosses over the fact that this woman decided that her baby 's life was disposable rather than alter even temporarily her future plans. I don't fault this lady. She was 17 and received great  pressure from her parents and boyfriend. But the writer glamorizes the fact  that an innocent life paid the price for the actions of two people engaging in an activity that results  in pregnancy.  Why was adoption never a consideration??

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