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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Female feticide .....collateral damage of "Choice"

What an excellent article and a great read. She nails it!! Choice was such a brilliant sound bite and focus group gave it a thumbs up. Women unite! All these slogan of "Trust Women" and "Protect Choice." Well as they say when the gods want to punish you, they answer your prayers. Here is what choice has done for the liberal feminists who have made abortion a sacrament. As one of 6.... 5 girls and 1 boy...I am glad my mother would not did not embrace the sound bite.....

"Reasons of hardship or health or convenience were accepted as equal, and all were defended. All women's choices were regarded as wise, since women had made them. Objecting to this was out of the question, as it gave an opening to all of those evil and retrograde social conservatives. It was also, of course, "insulting to women" -- than which no more damaging charge can be made.Then came the news that women were using this wisdom in order to end female lives. Scientists believe that, world-over, around 160 million women are "missing," dispatched (that is, aborted) by their parents, who prefer male children and don't want superfluous females to clutter their lives.
"Ready to fight over a word, wink or whistle, they have no words at all for all those dead females. They are strangled and silenced by "choice."

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