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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

LA: Jindal signs into law strong informed consent measure....

"We already make sure criminals know their rights. Before police arrest someone they inform them of all their rights under the law, so it's only common sense that we would do the same for women before they get an abortion. Women deserve to know their legal rights and the protections already afforded to them under the law, and we are confident that the more they know, the more they will choose life."

— Gov. Bobby Jindal on July 6, as he signed into law HB 636. Among its provisions: clinics that perform abortions will need new signage throughout outlining "pregnancy resources"; women seeking appointments will be directed first to the state Department of Health & Hospitals "abortions alternative" website; and any outpatient abortion facility that has a nonphysician performing abortions can have its license revoked by the state.

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