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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Teen Mom star promotes adoption and abstinence....

 How mature Caitlynn has become......proud of her! Finally, some good information about adoption....why is it chosen less than 1% in teen pregnancies. Caitlynn is now promoting abstinence. Good for her. Don't appreciate the show steering teens to a website that promotes Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the US. Where is the toll free number for Option Line for Pregnancy Resource Center? All there resources with the exception of National Adoption toll free number is geared toward resources that promote death.

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Anonymous said...

What's with teen moms becomeing paid advocates for abstinenec when clearly it didn't work for them? Though this case isn't near as bizarro as Bristol Palin. It didn't work for her grandmother, nor her mother, nor Bristol and now her brother! You'd think these people would know enough now to promote the proper and consistent use of birth control if you aren't ready to have children. Oh, wait..... I guess that's the problem. They don't know enough.