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Monday, August 8, 2011

Catholics blogs push for hierarchies to remain true to church doctrine

 These two Catholic blogs show the extent of the pressure within the Church over the life issue. Good for these people holding the line and keeping their theological feet to the fire. As for Sister Keehan and CHA they probably are just getting the message that they were used but still are not ready to accept it. Sister Keehan shown in pix received one of Obama's pens upon the passage of Obamacare. She may be wondering if the pen was worth it.

Catholic Vote notes that Catholic Healthcare Association and notably Sr. Carol Keehan, who publicly supported Obamacare's passage is expressing "concern over the narrow scope of the conscience exception in the mandate." She is still denying that abortifacients are covered. CV points out her flawed thinking is at odds  with Church doctrine.

Lisa Graas writes an open letter to the Archbishop Joseph Kurtz of the Archdiocese of Louisville opposing the proposed merger of Catholic, Jewish and University hospital systems in Louisville and other Kentucky cities pointing out that he dean the faculty of U of L states that they "will continue to perform abortions while also having privileges at the hospital."

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