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Monday, August 22, 2011

PP/Memphis now promotes abstinence .....

I thought PP made fun of abstinence education and demanded that no $$  be spent on it. Now they want to jump on the bandwagon. Here is one of their ads in Memphis...the only county in TN(Shelby) who still gets tax money....
Thursday, July 14th: The Power to Wait - Abstinence 101Abstinence is the only fool-proof way to avoid pregnancy and STDs.

Learn how to set your sexual boundaries and live with them.
Well you read it right....that is the headline for one of their educational events.

"The participants are raving about the training and what they learned!"  per  their posting on facebook.
  Here is a posted picture of the nine people raving.  Hey, are those dildo models on the desk?

Abstinence ... but then again, maybe not!

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