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Thursday, August 11, 2011

We are in the middle of a "choice revolution" that makes even pro aborts uncomfortable....

one must die
 NY Times article describes selective reduction of twins to singleton for societal not medical reasons."We are in the midst of a choice revolution right now says one dr."
Even  the pro aborts  are uncomfortable...Lord, who have we become.... even abortion supporters are uncomfortable.

"Even some people who support abortion  admit to feeling queasy about reduction to a singleton. “I completely respect and support a woman’s choice,” one commentator wrote on, referring to a woman who said she reduced her pregnancy to protect her marriage and finances. One fetus was male, the other female, and the woman eliminated the male because she already had a son. “Something about that whole situation just seemed unethical to me,” the commentator continued. “I just couldn’t sleep at night knowing that I terminated my daughter’s perfectly healthy twin brother.”
The doctor who make a living has this to say....

Dr. Mark Evans, an obstetrician and geneticist, was among the first to reduce a pregnancy. He quickly became one of the procedure’s most visible and busiest practitioners, as well as one of the most prolific authors on the topic. Early on, Evans decided the industry needed guidelines, and in 1988, he and an ethicist with the National Institutes of Health issued them. One of their central tenets was that most reductions below twins violated ethical principles.
Two years later, as demand for twin reductions climbed, Evans published another journal article, arguing that reduction to singletons “crosses the line between doing a procedure for a medical indication versus one for a social indication.” He urged his colleagues to resist becoming “technicians to our patients’ desires.”
But later he changed his mind and started endorsing selective reduction for non medical reasons again.
Evans understood why these women didn’t want to be in their 60s worrying about two tempestuous teenagers or two college-tuition bills.  Since the techniques have improved for reductions, he now says....Ethics, he said, “evolve with technology.

I wonder if that is his bottom line talking....The article describes   one doctor's own staff  while describing themselves as abortion rights supporters were  uncomfortable  working for a doctor who did  selective reduction for societal  reasons. When one staffer confronted him,  he called in the rest of the staff who concurred.  He decided not to do any more selective reductions for societal reasons. Another dr. in Atlanta has to charge the patient extra because he must bring in temporary staff since his regular staff refuses to participate in elective reductions for non medical reasons.

Dr. Mohler  wrote an article on the perfect, privileged and planned.  We should all read that because reading this lengthy article makes you want to scream....Lord, who have we become??

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