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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Introduce the elderly to the jungle.....

You won't know what hit you....
 Well I have been to the jungle. In fact  I have been there seven times. Yes, the law of the jungle is for the jungle and it works. But we are humans. With human souls. We are not ants, plants or animals.  Why is this article getting any attention or play at all.  And get that this is written by a religious lefty, April L. Bogle who actually is the Director of Public Relations, Emory University's Center for the Study of Law and Religion.No kidding.... She has thoughts about what you should do with the elderly who live past their usefulness and of course she brings in the economic issues. She hates nursing homes and who loves them. Yes, many are bad but I have also worked in nursing homes and you can put me there as opposed to letting me get eaten after my neck is broken...

"Monkeys befriend toucans and then break their necks before eating them. Frogs eat mosquito larvae and other pesky bugs. Termites eat rotting trees and build large nests that birds invade for dinner. Even the trees know how to survive -- the walking palm sprouts new roots and kills old ones so that it can "walk" to find the nourishing sun under the thick tree canopy.
And the smells? Earthy fresh, clean, sometimes floral, occasionally appetizing (flowers that smell like garlic). And the sounds? A symphony of the original tweets and twitters, clicks and clacks, even howls and squeals. Some are songs of joy, some are sirens of warning, some are simply announcements of being alive."
 She of course does not really suggest we eat the elderly......just a metaphor.
"I know its fraught will all kinds of moral and legal dilemmas. But if we can prolong life beyond its natural time line, we can surely figure out how to allow people to end it -- on their own terms and with the dignity they deserve. "
Count her another advocate for euthanasia and assisted suicide....the slippery slope.....are we at the bottom yet?

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