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Friday, November 25, 2011

Australia: Further reports confirm unhealthy baby delivered and then "terminated"

 Further  reports out of Australia confirm that the late term abortion  was meant to kill one baby (the one diagnosed with  "serious" heart defects).  The doctors advised this because they said  the baby would face many surgeries and issues.  The  parents agreed to the late term abortion but the hospital, identified as the Australia's largest specialist woman's hospital,  aborted  the wrong one....killing the healthy one.  So they immediately perform an "emergency" c section  to remove the twin boy identified with the heart defect and "had to terminate" him. 

No they did not have to do this....they choose to do this. She could have carried her remaining offspring to full term and given birth and  needed care.  But apparently the parents or medical  personnel  or both did not think having a baby with a defect was worthy of life. His life may have been shortened by the defect, but we will never know because he was delivered and killed. Notice all the euphemisms given to the way they described the event. 

I note in the interview that a woman who sounds like the Gloria Aldred of Australia is saying that she hope the couple will contact her so she can help in sue for lots of $$. So how much will two lives get the couple??

"The procedure went ahead on Tuesday but the wrong foetus was terminated. The sick child also had to be terminated after an emergency caesarean."
" A spokeswoman says it's a terrible tragedy and the hospital is deeply sorry for the loss suffered by the patient and her family."
"After carrying her twin boys for 32 weeks a Victorian woman has now lost them both."
No, after carrying her twin boys for 32 weeks, she killed them.  She,  along with her  husband and the doctors who advised  and carried this out. They  will have to live with that. 

Note all the sympathy for the woman and her family....and I might add for the two boys who were given a lethal injection to kill them.

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