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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Australian tragedy: Pregnant with twins now childless by "choice"

Horrible story out of Melbourne....

A woman pregnant with twins at 32 weeks gestation got the news that one of her twins is diagnosed with a serious heart condition. She apparently was strongly encouraged to abort and went with the recommendation. How awful..... well it gets worse. 

The doctor performing the abortion injects the wrong twin killing the healthy one. Picture this for a moment before we go any further. At this stage of pregnancy, the method of abortion is an intracardiac injection of medication into the fetal heart.

Now the doctor delivers the unhealthy baby by cesearean section and per the article from the UK version of the Huffington Post
"Tragically, the doctor's blunder meant that the woman had to undergo a three-hour emergency caesarean to deliver the sick foetus, where it was later terminated."

This would be a live birth abortion.  Now the article focuses on sympathy for the couple who were expecting twin boys and are now childless by "choice."

In case you are thinking this cannot happen here....I personally know a couple pregnant with twins when a well known high risk specialist in Nashville advised abortion on one of the twins diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. They refused. If  they had followed his recommendation, they would have aborted the healthy twin because his diagnosis was correct but he identified the smaller baby has the one with CP when it was the larger twin.  BTW, the CP twin boy is now in glad they rejected abortion.

Picture from  Huffington Post

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