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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lethal injection for babies but not dogs and capital punishment.

Sumner county TN vet is charged with animal cruelty for killing dogs with lethal injections to the heart. He  has his license suspended for two years, probation for five years, $2K fine, was the subject of protesters when this information was made public.

Amnesty International objects to using lethal injection in the killing of death row inmates. They say it is not humane and is excruciatingly painful.  Some states have abandoned capital punishment.

Just thinking again about this method of late term abortion for babies like the twin boys in Australia and the others we never read about. Dogs and convicted criminals have more advocates than innocent children. 

Who speaks for them?


Benmo said...

The hypocrisy is enough to drive a person crazy.

Benmo said...

Hypocrisy of these issues when compared to an unborn baby is enough to drive a sane person crazy.