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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Four dead baby boys...two mothers facing different reactions?????

What's the difference here?

I can't help but think of two recent in Hendersonville, TN where a woman delivered twin boys and suffocated them. She hid their bodies in the bathroom of her parents home. She was arrested and is now out on bail and awaiting trial for the killing of her twins.  Public reaction is shock and anger toward this woman. 

The latest story out of Australia of  a woman who  carried twin boys until 32 weeks gestation (full term is 40 weeks).  The dr. diagnoses one twin with a congenital heart defect and she agrees to a late term abortion by means of lethal injection. The dr. makes an error and gives the lethal injection to the healthy baby and then performs a Cesarean section operation to terminate the unhealthy one. Public reaction is one of sympathy for the woman and she is considering a lawsuit against the hospital for the error. 

Four babies are dead.....two mothers facing different public reactions? Can someone explain this?

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